About Kenneth

Kenneth W Park

Kenneth W Park works as a fundraiser, lecturer, curator, tour leader and presenter. He consults for a wide variety of public and corporate organisations over an equally broad range of professional interests.

As Curator of Collections at Wesley College Melbourne, Kenneth manages the school’s extensive art and archival collections.

He consults in both the corporate and public sectors in philanthropic fundraising (especially in planned giving) as well as marketing, sponsorship, art, membership/loyalty and public relations.

As a tour leader/planner he works for a range of tourism organisations. As a lecturer/presenter, Kenneth makes well over 130 presentations annually for universities, museums, conferences and cultural organisations all over the world.

An inveterate traveller making at least ten overseas trips a year, he lives by the motto – ‘Life is a grand tour so make the most of it’. Kenneth's tertiary studies include political science, administration, museum studies, industrial relations, fine arts, history and international relations. Kenneth has a passion for travel, food, wine, arts, architecture, history, good conversation…essentially the good life.

Kenneth is based in Melbourne, Australia.



 Kenneth W Park • 0412 059 881 |kenneth@kennethpark.com.au