Lectures, Walks and Events

Kenneth conducts tours and delivers illustrated lectures for cultural and educational institutions and the corporate sector as well as making presentations at special events and conferences in Australia and overseas.

The KENNETH W PARK EMAIL NEWSLETTER gives advance notice of walks, lectures, tours and special events. To put your name on the circulation list please email Kenneth at: kenneth@kennethpark.com.au

Arrange Your Own Private Walking Tour

Kenneth is available to lead private and/or group tailor made walking tours anywhere in Australia. Please email: kenneth@kennethpark.com.au

Arrange Your Own Private lecture and/or Special Visit

Kenneth lectures on a broad range of topics in the areas of art, architecture and cultural heritage art as well as with conducting museum and gallery visits and historical, architectural, sporting and culturally themed tours. Please email: kenneth@kennethpark.com.au

Art piece

Email Kenneth to learn more about his walking tours and lectures or call 0412 059 881